Wallet Address: heroesdao.eth

A DAO to honor living organ donors.

A living organ donor is no less than a HERO.

The goal of Heroes DAO org is to roll out a solution that would such Heroes with special recognition everywhere they go for doing what they did – A selfless act of kindness – providing the gift of life to a loved one (or to another person).


The DAO will award Hero NFTs to living organ donors.
These NFTs are special. They are only “Earned” / “Awarded” to the Heroes (living organ donors). These NFTs are non-transferable nor purchasable / trade-able.

Benefits of the Hero NFT Holder

Discounts at DAO partners/participating venues like at coffee shops, restaurants, malls, movie theaters, airlines, etc…

Exclusive Perks like Meals with celebrities, Hotel stays in DAO owned/managed properties or even possible access to DAO funds at low/zero interest (future)

Special recognition wherever they are!

Supporter NFTs

The DAO would offer Supporter NFTs for those who want to support the initiative and become participating members of the organization.

Benefits of the Supporter NFT Holder

Be able to support and fund DAO initiatives to provide benefits for Heroes

Nominate a living donor

Vote on nominations

Certain Shared perks for being a supporter. Discounts at participating venues like at coffee shops, restaurants, malls, movie theaters, airlines, etc. 

Nominate an Organ Donor!

You pick an organ donor you know like your family, neighbor, friend, co-worker or anyone you know is an organ donor. And nominate that person for an NFT to honor their self less act. Click on the ‘Nominate Here’ button to purchase membership and fill out the form of Nominate Organ Donor.


The greatest GOOD is what we do for one another.

– Mother Teresa